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True Love.  The Perfect Relationship. Everybody wants one, but finding the right person eludes so many.  

I have a friend who proclaimed that she was finally ready for “a man”.  I replied that she already was dating and had a few men in her life.  I asked if she meant she wanted to find a partner?  She said my response caused her to realize she had been focusing on “a man” rather than a perfect partner for life. 

I quickly guided her to this website so she could immediatley download a copy of one of our E-workbooks: FIND Me, about building the Ideal Mate master list. Everything was mapped out for her to help her determine what she really wanted in a partner for life. And, how to make that happen.

If you have ever wondered why it is difficult to connect with someone or  find the right person? Do you want a relationship that feels perfect?  Our workbooks will point you in the right direction.

We Don Have All The Answers, Just A Few Really Good Ones.

Twenty years of experience with business consulting and personal coaching taught us that people have a much better understanding of what they don’t want.  
Regardless of the situation, rarely were people clear about what they wanted, regardless of the issue. 

Core issues seem to always stem from Communication challenges, relationships issues, seeing eye-to-eye.  

Our E-workbooks will help you get right to the your core issues so you can experience faster results. We call them Guides For Everyday Loving and each includes includes tools, tips, and shortcuts, as well as an opportunity to step back and evaluate/reflect on where you have been.  

How about you? Do you need help moving away from something you don’t want and toward something you DO WANT.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?

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they are 

Doing Material.

” The FIND Me workbook was better than online dating, and cheaper than therapy.  Changed my entire perspective on my self worth”.  

Bethany,  California